My tirade tonight is about people who drive up to you and offer a quote for getting dents out of your car.

Many of us happen to have a dent or three in our car. Have you ever been in a parking lot and someone drives up to you and says….I can fix that for you…or, Want a a quote on fixing that dent.

Now usually that person is in an out of state vehicle. Not the most comforting feeling. Second, there is no advertising on their vehicle saying that that is the business they are in. Third, I’m not going to do business with a stranger in the middle of a parking lot.

Today someone did one better. He pulled up along side of me on the street and beeped his horn. Now I live in tourist central (Orlando) and people are always asking for directions. I rolled my window down and the guy asked if I wanted a quote to fix my dented bumper. All three of the above things went through my mind. I said no thanks. Here is the best part. As he was driving away I noticed several quite noticable dents on his car. If you are that good at fixing cars, shouldn’t you fix your own car before trying to get others to trust you to fix their vehicle.

I love people. They are a never ending source of entertainment and wonder.